COVID-19 Response

Managing COVID-19

GrainCorp has closely monitored the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic since the beginning of 2020, with the ultimate goal of protecting the health and safety of our people, our customers, and our communities while continuing our operations.

We follow Federal and State Government advice and protocols in each of our jurisdictions and have instilled response plans at our offices, our up-country sites and port terminals right across our supply chain.

Our plans reduce the risk of the virus spreading; keep our staff segregated from growers, customers and suppliers; and ensure we’re able to continue delivering for our customers.

COVID-19 measures for GrainCorp staff

GrainCorp’s operations are classified as essential and all our staff (permanent and casual) are authorised workers. GrainCorp staff are strongly encouraged to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and are provided with paid time off to attend an appointment.

GrainCorp has taken measures in line with Government advice to help minimise employee exposure to the virus, including:

  • Providing paid time off to obtain a vaccination
  • Work travel restrictions
  • Access controls for sites and offices
  • Staff segregation on sites
  • Heightened social distancing and hygiene requirements
  • Limited access to sites from third parties
  • Work-from-home arrangements for office-based roles

COVID-19 protocols for delivering to GrainCorp

GrainCorp has implemented several measures at our sites, processing facilities, ports and offices to keep our supply chain operating with minimal impact.

To assist our efforts, growers and carriers must follow these measures, which are in line with State and Federal Government requirements.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory check-in using a QR code upon arrival
  • Mandatory use of face masks at all times
  • Segregated sample collection processes with separate QR code
  • No access to offices, sample stands, weighbridges or amenities under any circumstances
  • Use of grower delivery advice for every load and sample (download here)
  • No option to select Cash or transfer grain to contracts at sample stands or weighbridges
  • No transfer of clipboards around the site with drivers

We require growers, truck drivers and other visitors to abide by any public health orders in place at the time of delivery.

If a grower or carrier feels unwell, if they have come into contact with the virus, or if they have been required to take COVID test and are subject to isolation requirements, they should notify their local Site Manager or Grower Services Representative immediately, Receiving this information immediately, rather than waiting for the State health tracing system to notify us, will allow us to act as soon as possible.

GrainCorp strongly supports and encourages you to get a vaccination as soon as you become eligible to do so.

We will continue to follow all State and Federal Government legislation in relation to restrictions and vaccination requirements, including public health orders that require specific staff members to get vaccinated in order to carry out their jobs.

COVID-19 protocols for visitors

Due to heightened restrictions at our sites, ports and offices, GrainCorp is limiting access to sites, ports and offices to staff, commercial customers and suppliers only.

Third parties who are not visiting in a commercial capacity are currently prohibited from site.
Please contact us for any queries.