A shared passion.

GrainCorp Volunteers

Our Volunteers

The passion of our people sits at the heart of what we do at GrainCorp.

We appreciate the shared value of our people making a positive difference in their communities.

As a key element of our Community Foundation, GrainCorp employees are entitled to volunteer leave, to engage in workplace volunteering activities during regular working hours.

They can give their time to contribute in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Youth & Education
  • Inclusion & Diversity
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    Our volunteering work in the community…

    When the Mehi River in Moree, in northern NSW, flooded in March 2020, it required a massive clean-up job – with the local GrainCorp team leading the charge. Led by Moree North Area Manager Mick Grant, the team went above and beyond to assist the Moree community with the clean-up efforts.

    “Most of the GrainCorp crew that could access our site got some gear together including pressure cleaners, brooms, shovels and a pump, and put the call out to offer help to the local community,” Mick said. “We went from one house to the next to help pump water out of sheds and houses, pressure clean surfaces and lift furniture back down, particularly for the older residents.”

    Mick adds: “I have lived here for most of my life and I just love the community – when things like this happen, people pitch in and stick together!” The GrainCorp Moree team were awarded the 2021 Moree Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Volunteer Appreciation Award for their volunteering efforts.

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